Hats that sit fully on the head, around the forehead, are made to a standard womens' fit size of 22.5inches. This can be adapted so please specify when ordering what your head fitting measurement is.

Cocktail style hats that perch on the head are fitted using a piece of thin elastic that can be hidden in the hair, and sits at the nape of the neck. This is secured to the hat in such a way that allows for alteration - you can pull the elastic through the loop stitch and tie a new knot to shorten the elastic for a tighter fit. The elastic can also be dyed to match hair colour. A comb slide may also be used in conjunction with the elastic on some pieces.

Most of our hairband styles one size. The handmade bands can be dyed to match hair colour, and for heavier pieces, or just if you prefer a small comb slide can also be used in the centre top for a secure fit.

If you have any preferences or questions about the fit of your piece please get in touch.